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The Queen of Drag in its inaugural year has established itself as the Drag Competition of the Year in North America, showcasing the finest female impersonation acts from across the nation. This one-of-a-kind event brings together former title holders with a wealth of experience, who have earned their place as community leaders on the female impersonation scene. Each of our participants has achieved recognition for their exceptional talent and have won the most prestigious competition titles in the field of female impersonation. This one night event is guaranteed that it will be a night to remember.

The Queen of Drag competition is unique in that the queens will compete in two categories: Bring it to the Runway and Talent. With a cash prize of $50,000, this competition boasts the biggest cash prize in the history of pageantry. The eleven queens will battle it out for the ultimate title of The Queen of Drag, and the top four finalists will each win a cash prize of $5000.00. The final round of the competition will involve a Lip Sync Battle judged by the seven participants who didn't make it to the top four. The head judge will determine the winner of the competition.

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