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Layla LaRue

Layla LaRue

Layla Larue, the talented drag queen from San Antonio, Texas, has been in the drag scene for over two decades now. Born under the zodiac sign Aquarius, Layla found her passion for drag in the fall of 1994 and quickly turned it into a profession by the winter of 1996.

For Layla, drag is not just about putting on a costume and performing on stage. It is an art form that allows her to express her creativity through song, dance, and performance. Through her drag persona, Layla can showcase her personality and individuality in a way that is both empowering and entertaining.


As a professional drag queen, Layla has become a beloved figure in the San Antonio drag community. Her talent, dedication, and passion for the art form have earned her a loyal fan base and numerous awards and accolades over the years. Whether she is performing on stage or mentoring up-and-coming drag performers, Layla Larue remains a true icon of the drag world.

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