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ShaeShae LaReese

ShaeShae LaReese

ShaeShae LaReese, a seasoned drag veteran hailing from Laguna Beach, California, has dedicated over thirty years to the art of drag performance.

When questioned about the significance of drag in her life, she eloquently expressed that drag serves as a liberating medium for her to showcase a facet of her personality that remains veiled in her everyday existence. ShaeShae candidly shared her childhood dream of being a part of the enchanting world of Disney as a performer, specifically aspiring to be a Disney kid or a dancer in the magical realm of Disney Kingdom.

Despite lacking formal dance training that hindered her from embodying characters like Pluto or Geppetto, she ingeniously found solace and creative expression through the avenue of female impersonation, where she could unleash her dancing prowess and captivate audiences with her talent.

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